Cremation Options
The first option is Private Cremation. Your pet is handled separately, and we personally return the ashes to you in a standard metal container (usually the next day). If you prefer, one of our specialty containers can be utilized for an additional charge. Please refer to our |PRODUCTS| page for information about these optional containers, and other pet remembrance items.

Witnessed Private Cremations are also available, by appointment.

A second option is Communal Cremation, where several animals are cremated together. The ashes are buried, or respectfully scattered in a suitable place and manner. If you wish to have the cremated remains back, you should choose a private cremation.

For an additional $25, Royal Pet will pick up your pet from your home, or any local veterinarian's office. If you prefer, you are welcomed to bring your pet to our facility. As explained above, Royal will return Private Cremation remains in a container of your choice. These containers may be buried on one's own property, or transported elswhere for burial or display.

Fees vary according to the size of your pet, and with your choice of options described above. Payment can be made by cash, money order or credit card.

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