Ceramic Urns

Cultured Granite Series Urns
The Cultured Granite series is made in four colors. Obelisk shape is available in one size, 5.5" Sq x 8.5" H. Ginger Jar shape is available in two sizes.  Large: 6.75"H x 4.75"Dia.  Small: 5.75"H x 3.5"Dia. Colors: green, rose, natural, grey. Closure: bottom stopper and adhesive.

Misty Series Ceramic Urns
The Misty series features cast ceramic pieces with stenciled airbrushed glazes depicting either cats or dogs.  Cat (available in small size only): 5.125"H x 4" Dia.  Large Dog: 8"H x 5.75" Dia.  Medium Dog: 6.5"H x 5" Dia.  Small dog: 5.125"H x 4" Dia. Closure: top lid.


Jardinia Series Urns
The Jardinia series is composed of a combination of crushed marble mixed with resin for added strength. Unique hand-painted reliefs adorn the sides. Closure: top-opening lid seals with adhesive (included).  A."Four Seasons", 5.75"H x 4.5" Dia.  B."Cats Galore", 4"H x 3.5" Dia.  C."On Guard", 3"H x 3" Dia.  D."Well Bred", 5.75"H x 5" Dia.

Rainbow Urn
The Rainbow urn uses simulated material painted to achieve a ceramic appearance; hand-painted and air brushed over a lacquer background. Closure: bottom-opening stopper seals with adhesive (included). 6.5"H x 4" Dia.
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