Dogs In Cast Stone
Memorial Sculptures

For those of you who desire a permanent memorial for your beloved pet, Royal Pet Cremation has partnered with artist Martha Cawley, proprietor of Dogs Cast In Stone & Metal in Barto, PA.

Martha has developed a unique method view in which the cremation remains can be permanently incorporated into a beautiful cast stone memorial sculpture. She is able to utilize all her existing molds for this process, giving clients approximately 70 AKC breeds from which to choose.

The utmost care and respect is practiced in creating your memorial sculpture. The remains of each pet is carefully mixed and cast separately, to insure that the mixture is solely that of the pet being memorialized.*

Creating a Memorial In Cast Stone is a lasting way to commemorate your cherished friend. Many customers even attach their petís collar, metal nametag, or a small framed photograph to further personalize this memorial.

*Every attempt is made to use 100% of the remains. In some cases involving a few of the larger breeds, the amount of the remains may exceed the limit for ash incorporation. In these cases we will send all unincorporated remains back to you along with your Memorial Sculpture.
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