Polyresin Markers

These weatherproof Polyresin Markers can be used as a repository for your petís ashes or as a Memorial Marker. Either way, the Pet Memorial Marker & Urn will be a lasting tribute to your beloved family member. Included with each Marker is an optional 5" x 2" brass plaque ready to be engraved with your pets name with space for a tribute to your faithful companion.

Stepping Stone Marker
Stepping Stone Memorial Marker & Urn
This simple circular marker will blend in with any landscape and will age naturally with weathering. This Pet Memorial Stone offers you a lasting way to symbolize how much your companion meant to you.  11.5" Dia. x 1.625" H

Paw Print Marker
Paw Print Memorial Marker & Urn
Shaped like a paw print, this Marker will stand out in your garden as a memorial to your beloved pet. The granite-look finish will gracefully age and the polyresin construction will withstand a lifetime outdoors.  12" Dia. x 1.625" H

Bone Marker
Bone Memorial Marker & Urn
The Bone shaped Memorial Marker shows a fond remembrance for your pet. Made of the same material as the Stepping Stone and Paw Marker, the Bone Memorial Marker will be a lasting tribute to your pet.  14" L x 9.75" W x 1.625 H

Marker & Urn
Can be used either as a Memorial Marker or as a Burial Urn
Each Memorial Marker & Urn comes with a resealable Urn Capsule. The Urn Capsule can be threaded into the bottom recess of the Marker, and the assembled unit can then be installed in a place of honor in your garden or yard.

Brass Plaque
Brass Plaque
A 5" x 2" Engravable Brass Plaque is also included with each Memorial Marker & Urn.
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